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Neck Relief M2- Cervipedic
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Clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Tension & Muscle spasms

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REDUCE NECK PAIN AND NECK TENSION – Clinically proven to reduce muscle spasms, neck tension and increase range of motion. Helps to relax overactive muscles, which helps reduce tension headaches and neck & upper shoulder pain. Naturally contoured to gently align the head and neck while effectively reinforcing the natural cervical curve for issues associated with forward head posture, military neck, stiff neck, text neck, improper sleep position, or from injury such as whiplash.

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE - Anatomically shaped and meticulously engineered to provide perfectly balanced support for the head and neck while maximizing comfort for hours of relaxation and relief from neck pain and neck stiffness. A finely crafted combination of resilient polymer shell topped by multi-density foam cushioning which is covered by plush and breathable fabric means that you can enjoy effective neck therapy without sacrificing comfort.

ADJUSTABLE CERVICAL CURVE – In addition to its renowned comfort, the Cervipedic Neck-Relief also has an adjustable cervical support so you can choose the level of neck stretch. You can enjoy a mild neck stretch at level 1 or choose a deeper neck stretch; all the way up to 12 levels. There’s even a way to remove the adjustable flexible support which converts the neck support pillow to “Gentle Mode” for an even milder arch, or to use it as a cervical pillow throughout the night.

CONVENIENT RELAXATION THERAPY – Ready to use in seconds and effective for calming neck muscle spasms, and shoulder muscles spasms, chronic neck pain, stress and tension headaches, and improper sleep. Perfect for athletes, travelers, office workers, students, teachers and anyone who may spend long hours in front of a computer or looking down at a handheld device. It provides gentle cervical neck traction to release neck and shoulder tension while soothing tension headaches and neck pain.