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Effective Chiropractic for Low Back Pain Treatment

Written By Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center on January 17, 2020

Low Back Pain Treatment in Beverly Hills CaliforniaLow back pain can totally take you off your game. 

Whether you’re just experiencing twinges of discomfort or you’re in so much pain that you can barely walk – the fact remains that you need some sort of low back pain treatment. 

Thankfully, your Beverly Hills chiropractor has some great treatment options that will provide some relief.  

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Treatment in Beverly Hills – How It Works

Your Beverly Hills chiropractor isn’t interested in just treating your symptoms. They want to get to the root cause of the problem. Oftentimes, the issue is spinal misalignment. 

When your body is out of alignment, it strains the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. That, in turn, causes pressure and pain. Your muscles become tight and may even start to spasm

Making sure your spine is aligned properly will allow the body to function as it’s supposed to, and that will reduce or even eliminate your lower back pain. 

Why Multiple Therapies Might be Prescribed by Your Chiropractor 

While chiropractic adjustments are a great foundation of care, other treatments might be indicated if you’re experiencing severe symptoms. For instance, if you’re suffering from muscle tension and spasms, therapeutic massage is beneficial to not only make you comfortable but to make it easier for your chiropractor to make spinal adjustments. 

Your Beverly Hills Chiropractic Team Has Your Best Interests at Heart

Why shouldn’t you see a chiropractor who believes in a one-size-fits-all approach to low back pain? Because that mentality doesn’t make sense. Every body is different, including yours. You need to find a low back pain treatment plan that’s going to fit your unique needs. 

The team at Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center will create exactly that for you. After an evaluation and discussing your symptoms, they’ll create a program that works best for your needs – one that will finally give you relief from your pain.

Are you tired of suffering from low back pain? Contact us right away at 310-556-8071 to schedule an appointment.  

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