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Acupuncture in Beverly Hills: Avoid the Pitfalls of These 5 Myths

Written By Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center on July 25, 2019

woman getting acupuncture What holds you back from investing in acupuncture?

It could be the needles, or it could be that you’re skeptical about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Today, we’ll look at some of the myths surrounding acupuncture and why this is a form of treatment you should try.

Stop Believing These 5 Common Myths about Acupuncture in Beverly Hills

Here are five myths surrounding the topic of acupuncture in Beverly Hills.

1. This Form of Treatment Is Really Painful

Actually, it’s not. The needles are very small – the size of a few human hairs. You might feel a prick at first, but the discomfort is minimal and quickly dissipates.

2. An Acupuncturist Can Only Treat Pain

A lot of people see an acupuncturist for pain management. However, there’s so much more an acupuncturist can help you with, including:

  • Fertility

  • Detoxification recovery

  • Blood, lymph, and energy stagnation

  • Stress management

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Weight loss.

3. Acupuncture Has No Place in Western Medicine

It’s important to bridge the divide between Eastern and Western medicine. One does not eliminate the need for the other. Used in conjunction, both approaches can lead to better overall health.

4. Acupuncturists Play upon the Placebo Effect

Is the effectiveness of this form of treatment all in the patient’s head? Definitely not! Multiple studies have shown that the positive results of TCM are real, not some placebo effect.

5. This Treatment Can Conflict with Other Forms of Care

When receiving treatment for a medical condition, you must be careful of combining treatments. This is especially true when it comes to certain medications.

However, you don’t need to worry about that with TCM. Acupuncture is a wonderful complement to most, if not all, treatment plans.

Talk to Your Chiropractor about the Importance of Multiple Treatment Options

Oftentimes, a single form of treatment isn’t enough to eliminate pain. Instead, you need a variety of options, including TCM, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. Talk to your chiropractor for a treatment plan that will fit your unique needs the best.

Still have questions? Contact our office today at 310-556-8071 to schedule an appointment with Jainen Shin, our TCM practitioner. She’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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