How Acupuncture Works to Treat a Variety of Conditions

To many Americans, acupuncture is still an unusual approach to medicine. For others, it helps with many ailments and is part of their standard medical routine. Could acupuncture work for you? At Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center we often get asked questions like: What is acupuncture? What can it do? Will it work for me? Is acupuncture any good? And, is it all needles?

In an attempt to answer your questions and to help patients get a better idea of acupuncture, we put together this short post. The article should help provide a better understanding of acupuncture and what it can do for you.

Getting it right from the start

We take a full history before starting any treatment. By doing this we can learn why you have a condition or even diagnose a condition properly. Acupuncture works by treating the whole body, including the mind. In this way the body’s resistance to disease and external attack is strengthened, allowing you to fight your particular condition and prevent it from recurring.

In traditional Chinese philosophy the health of your body depends on the state of your body’s motivating energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”). Your health relies on your Qi flowing freely around the body. When channels block, illness occurs. Disease often is just a symptom of the Qi not flowing correctly.

Our in-house acupuncturist, Jainen Shin, inquires about your general health, medical history, family history, diet, and emotional state to get an idea of where your problems lie. Only by getting a full picture of you can a practitioner know how to best approach your condition. She can then recommend a course of acupuncture treatment that will work best for you. Sessions may last just a few minutes or much longer, depending on the diagnosis.

Treating conditions

Once Shin knows where the block in your Qi is, or why it’s not flowing correctly, she can start to work. She works on patients with conditions such as:

Anxiety and depression

We all suffer to some degree from these conditions, but for some they can have devastating effects. Acupuncture treats anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of a hormone called oxytocin. The hormone works on the nervous system and helps to calm us down and see our worries in a better light. By addressing our inability to deal with anxiety, acupuncture helps us to approach problems and deal with them one by one.

Chronic pain

Acupuncture uses a process known as descending control normalization in its approach to constant and intense pain. The needles inserted in the sensitive area activates the serotonergic nervous system to reduce the pain.


How often do we hear of people becoming addicted to painkillers? This happens from long-term use of the artificial substances. A needle inserted in the painful area can stimulate the release of endorphins and other chemicals that help fight pain. The increased flow of the chemicals in the bloodstream reduces the effects of pain almost immediately.

Healing injuries

The acupuncturist’s needle, inserted in the perfect spot, stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Increased flows of energy from the nervous and endocrine systems to the damaged tissue speeds up repair and the long-term strength of damaged parts of the body. Acupuncture can also tackle old injuries that may be causing you discomfort and pain.

Acupuncture allows the flow of healthy and positive energy throughout the body. Regular sessions with our practitioner keep the flow of positive chemicals going and aids them in getting to work on the troubled parts of the body.

Pain in the knee may cause regular discomfort that becomes annoying. The long-term effects may include irritability and even depression. By taking a whole-body approach, acupuncture treats a condition thoroughly, with a better outcome than short-term solutions.

Call for an appointment

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