Conditions You Didn't Know Acupuncture Can Treat

You may know that acupuncture is a drug-free treatment for pain relief; and indeed, that’s one of its primary uses. The Joint Commission, a medical facility accreditation organization for over 20,000 health care facilities in the United States, added acupuncture to its list of non-pharmacological pain management options as a requirement for accreditation beginning in January 2018.

However, pain relief only scratches the surface of the potential offered by acupuncture therapy. These additional therapies aren’t widely known outside of traditional Oriental medicine circles, yet each has a centuries-old history. When you consider drug-free alternatives for any of these conditions, ask about Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center’s own in-house acupuncturist. Acupuncture therapy may provide effective options that work for you.


One of the well-documented effects of acupuncture is its ability to reduce inflammation throughout your body. Stimulating the production of chemicals that settle down your body’s immune responses contributes to the reduction of seasonal allergy symptoms. Hay fever and other environmental allergens create a histamine response that sends your immune system into overdrive. Acupuncture calms this response and, used alone or alongside other allergy treatments, it’s an effective way to reduce the allergic reactions that lead to systemic inflammation in your body.

Also, your digestive system can be the source of subclinical inflammation, a condition without symptoms that’s sometimes called pre-infection. Subclinical inflammation can aggravate seasonal allergy symptoms, so improved digestive performance may also contribute to the reduction of allergic reactions.

Some treatment points for allergies respond to acupressure, so you may enjoy allergy symptom relief without the use of acupuncture needles.


Insomnia has several patterns, most often grouped by patients who have trouble falling asleep in the first place, and those who fall asleep without problem, but then awaken in the middle of the night and can’t return to sleep. Without healthy sleep patterns, your body has trouble establishing a circadian rhythm. This means you’ll likely feel listless throughout the day which, ironically, contributes to insomnia at night.

Acupuncture takes a variety of approaches based on the type of insomnia you have, as well as your overall health. Chinese medicine also typically adds herbs to insomnia treatment, as well as acupuncture therapy. When this treatment is combined with simple lifestyle changes that help set up healthy sleep patterns, you may be astonished at the improvements to restfulness.

Menopause symptoms

Though every woman experiences symptoms of menopause in unique ways, hot flashes and night sweats are common complaints for many. Traditionally, hormone replacement therapy successfully treats these symptoms for most women, but there are increased risks with supplemental estrogen. Before you decide to weigh those risks, check out the effects of acupuncture.

Studies show that you may see a 40% reduction in menopause symptoms, with best results coming after eight treatments. The benefits of acupuncture therapy also last, with some women experiencing fewer hot flashes and night sweats for six months after their last treatment. Again, combining acupuncture with traditional herbal treatments can enhance the hormone balancing effects, but acupuncture alone often produces significant improvements.


Life moves fast, and everyday pressures add up. That’s no surprise for many Americans who are all too familiar with the effects of stress and how it can negatively impact their health. Once again, acupuncture can come to the rescue. The same therapeutic effects that relieve pain can help reduce the impact of stress on your body and help you relax. Acupuncture releases your body’s feel-good hormones – endorphins – and as well as providing pain relief, endorphins typically produce an overall feeling of well-being. Research shows that endorphin production helps lower levels of stress hormones, directly connecting acupuncture with stress relief.

So the next time you visit Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center, ask about acupuncture therapy and how it may help you address any of your health challenges.

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